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Welcome to the Website of Les Gemmes, Incorporated.
Les Gemmes, Incorporated is a national women's organization dedicated to "sisterhood and service". Founded in 1955 in Norfolk, Virginia, to stimlate, foster and provide civic, educational and cultural enrichment among its members and their local communities.
With over 300 members in eight states, we are challenged to utilize our education, skills, talents and resources to effect change and improvements in our locals. We believe that making a difference in our communities, lives can be enhanced and the world can become a better place for all.
Our national program for 2012-2016 highlights four focus areas: Mentoring Youth, Health and Wellness, Cultural Enrichment, and Community Outreach. These focuses are directly in line with our purpose and goals of Les Gemmes, Incorporated by serving others to improve their lives.
While our mission is to serve our communities by structuring our program to meet the needs and concerns in our local areas, we also emphasize the value of our sisterhood as well as our loveand respect for each other and instill a deeper bond of friendship both locally and nationally.
It is my deepest hope that uniting these components--service and sisterhood--we will have numerous opportunities to make a grater impact in our local communities and an opportunity to enhance team spirit in our chapters and build lasting bonds of friendship.
Edwina Hefner, National President

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